Is Abortion the Answer?

What is abortion?

It’s hard to imagine that one would not know what abortion is these days with the attention it gets in the media. Yes, we all know that abortion is ending the life of a child that is growing in the woman’s uterus. What I am really asking is, ‘what does abortion entail’? I find that many people have an idea of what abortion is, but don’t really have the facts. They say things like,  “Well, my friend had one and she seems fine, so it must be okay.” I’m sorry but, there is much more to abortion than that and every woman facing that decision, needs to know the facts.

Types of Abortion

There are several types of abortion available and some only available at certain times of the pregnancy. Medical abortions involve pharmaceuticals given to cause the embryo to die and then to be dispelled from the uterus. There are various pills that can be taken to produce an abortion, all with their own set of limits and risks. Surgical abortion involves either local or general anesthesia while a doctor removes the baby from the uterus using special tools. This also has its limits and risks. Risks should always be disclosed to the client not to scare them but to give them the information necessary to make an informed decision that they can live with.

Abortion risks

There are at least eight physical and immediate risks following abortion. Heavy bleeding, infection, incomplete abortion, and organ damage are just a few. What’s more, the Australian and New Zealand Journal of Psychiatry published that women who have had abortions experience an increased risk of mental problems such as anxiety disorder, alcohol and drug misuse, as well as suicidal tendencies. Unfortunately these are not typically discussed at an abortion clinic and are in some circles considered controversial.

Why visit us?

We at Life Choices Pregnancy Center have no financial interest in whether the client has an abortion or not. In fact, all of our services are free to the client because we have caring individuals, churches and businesses who pay the bills for our pregnancy services. Our goal is verification of  a viable pregnancy and education about all three of the legal options women face. Why do we do this? Because women deserve to know the truth about the options they face.

We offer medical grade pregnancy testing and limited ultrasound imaging performed by licensed and competent medical personnel. We have no stake in your decision to abort, parent or place your baby in a loving adoptive home. We simply want to offer women the information they deserve to make a decision they can live with long-term. We love them with the unconditional love of Jesus Christ, no matter what they choose.

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