July 2017 Newsletter

Before I became executive director here, I was not aware of many facts I know now. Today, I will be sharing some truth that may be shocking to some of you……Read the whole newsletter here: July2017

June 2017 Newsletter

A dad can be seen in many ways. Dad is the guy who rarely gets the credit. He works extremely hard and still tries his best to make the ball games, performances and other special moments in his children’s lives……Read the entire newsletter here: June2017

May 2017 Newsletter

 On Mother’s Day, we pay tribute to all types of moms. The stay-at-home mom, the soccer mom, the classroom volunteer mom, the working mom, etc…. Read the entire newsletter here: May2017news

April Newsletter 2017

When a young woman comes in our door, she is looking for hope. She wants someone to tell her that things will get better. She is desperate for answers that she has not yet been able to find — answers that will help her to make healthy choices in her life….Read the entire Newsletter here:  April2017news