Sex and Relationships

Are you ready for sex?

The decision to have sex or not can be tough. We can help you sort through your questions and concerns.

Do I really want to have sex?

Why do I want to have sex?

Am I feeling pressured to have sex?

How will I feel afterward?

What do I know about STD/STI’s and pregnancy?

Has my partner been tested for STD/STI’s?

Am I willing to risk my physical and emotional health?



What do you know about STD's really?

You’re not alone if you don’t feel you’re physically or emotionally ready for sex. That doesn’t mean you’re not tempted. Peer pressure can be amazingly strong, and so is the human sex drive. So, how do YOU stay even stronger in your desire to wait until it’s the right time – for you? Here are some smart, safe strategies for doing that:

  • When dating, make sure your boyfriend or girlfriend understands that you’re not ready to go all the way.

  • Hang out with groups of people, and avoid being alone with only your date.

  • Hang out with friends who think like you in this situation.

  • Be aware of the common things people say to pressure you into having sex and know your response.

DID U KNOW?  More teens are choosing to wait to have sex according to the CDC (Center Disease Control) survey. You can read about it here.

Sex is something you need to discuss with your partner before things get too heated, NOT when you have progressed to the point-of-no-return. Decisions under pressure are much more difficult to make and stand by.

Helpful Hints:

  • Be confident. Say “No!” instead of “Well, um, I’m not sure, maybe later?”

  • Demand respect. “If you respect me and how I feel about this, you’ll stop now.” (who wants to be with someone who doesn’t respect them?)

  • You don’t have to explain. “No” is a complete sentence. If you want to explain you might say:

    1. "I’ve made up my mind to wait."

    2. "I’m just not ready for sex."

    3. "This is a huge responsibility that I know I’m not ready for."

  • Always have your cell phone and enough $ for a cab or a way to leave whether you are at a party or at a friend’s house or wherever.

  • Keep your brain in gear. Don’t drink or use drugs because they interfere with your ability to make clear decisions.

  • Don’t worry about hurting someone’s feelings because if they really care about you they will respect your wishes.

  • Don’t feel obligated to have sex for ANY reason. Sex is not a weapon, a payment for a gift or expensive date.


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