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The Life Choices team is happy to provide the support and education you need to deal with your unplanned pregnancy, past abortion, relationship challenges, parenting questions and life skills needs. All of our services are free and confidential. 

Think you might be pregnant?

One of the scariest parts of having a baby is taking the test to find out if your pregnant. We are there for you during this uncertain time.

Post-Abortion Support

This program is for those who have experienced abortion in their past. Join us in a Bible study to help bring the healing you're seeking.

Sex and Relationships

The decision to have sex or not can be tough. We can help you with the vital questions surrounding the whys and why nots. 

Learning for Life Classes

We offer free-of-charge parenting and life skills classes to help you get the knowledge you need for the adventure ahead.            

About Us

We are committed to share the love of Christ through our Prevention, Intervention, and Reconciliation Programs. Through these programs, we will provide educational support and compassionate coaching in conjunction with existing churches and institutions. 

What our Clients have to say about us:

Former Client Life Choices Pregnancy Center

"They do a great job. They are kind and caring and are always willing to help in any way they can."

A Life Choices Client Life Choices Pregnancy Center

" I now have a beautiful baby girl instead of a horrible memory of an abortion because of you all at Life Choices. Thank you so much!!"


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